LKISEvents: Grace Kelly Fashion Television Magazine PhotoShoot


While the Grace Kelly exhibit just opened at Tiff Bell Lightbox, Fashion Television was busy preparing for this event months ago.

With a Magazine coming out in conjunction with the exhibition on her Serene Highness Princess Grace, a photoshoot took place in August, for which I had the pleasure of being an Editorial Assistant.

I arrived at the shoot bright and early (call time was 7:00 am!) and got busy.

The first thing I did was gush over the piles of amazing clothes.

Some of the stuff was vintage and some brand new- all of it was jaw-dropping.

There were also tons of covet-worthy accessories and what kind of a Grace Kelly shoot would it be without a few Hermes bags lying around.

Oh, and did I mention all the shoes?

Tons of footwear was supplied. I loved the gunmetal pumps from Aldo.

The whole idea behind this pictorial was:
A young woman inspired by the on-screen legend and who embodies Grace’s movie-star/princess elegance.

The model chosen for this easy-breezy task (sarcasm people) was the stunning Julia Evgenova.

She would run from shot to shot and in between it was hair, makeup (by the delightful Anna Neniou) and wardrobe.

We were busy helping stylist extraordinaire Zeina Esmail get through this hectic day.

Photographer David Drebin was snapping all the photos and capturing the essence of Grace at the Tiff Bell Lightbox.

For the last shot of the day, we headed to the stunning rooftop and watched as Julia wore a gorgeous Romona Kaveza gown in the sunlight.

So, weeks later, I attended the opening of the Grace Kelly Exhibit (complete with the Prince of Monaco) and was given the magazine as I left the event.
What a great way to end a glamorous evening and to see the fruits of all our labour!

Yup, and there it is, a little tribute to us folks who came out to work on this shoot and, of course, honour Grace Kelly.



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