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What girl hasn’t dreamed of being a princess? Castles, princes and party dresses are something little ladies hear about long before boys, lipstick and high school. And while Kate has shown us that every girl can be a princess, it was Grace Kelly who let us believe that we were all potentially royalty.

Last week, Canada and Toronto welcomed Princess Grace. Honoring her memory and her contribution to the fashion, and movie industry, the city came out to this exclusive event at Tiff Bell Lightbox to get a private viewing of the retrospective exhibit (her fabulous clothes and jewels).

We were all there to celebrate the utterly beautiful Grace Kelly and to catch a glimpse of her son Prince Albert the Second and his new bride Princess South African swimmer Charlene Wittstock.

The building was buzzing as we all waited for the royal caravan to arrive (he was staying at my hotel!!!).

Their Serene Highnesses were in true event mode, and totally graceful. They walked the red carpet and paused for photos while the party-goers enjoyed cocktails and canapés.

In the monarchy spirit, these two party-goers gave me a demonstration of the royal wave:

Once the royal couple had arrived we were all invited upstairs to the Blackberry lounge for a reception. There was tons of mingling and then it was time for some remarks from the Prince. He actually got a bit emotional as he spoke about his royal screen-sirene mother and his appreciation for this exhibit.

Grace Kelly was definitely a glamorous movie star, but she was also a fashion icon. Dressed by the finest designers of her time, she was a 1950’s style icon and the fashion folks of today were in attendance to celebrate this contribution.

Robyn Kay, fashion innovator, president of the FDCC and founder of LG Fashion Week was there to pay tribute.

Canadian fashion designer extraordinaire Evan Biddell was raising a glass to Grace Kelly.

Finally the creators of Fashion Television (title sponsor of the event) Jay Levine and Howard Brull were also there to celebrate the elegance of Grace.

The exhibit wasn’t just about fashion, but fashion as art and no one knows the Toronto creative scene better than the amazing Janice Price, president of Luminato Festival of the Arts and Creativity pictured here with her lovely niece.

The exhibit itself was rather interesting.

To see Grace Kelly’s Oscar-winning outfit was a total thrill.

I was also riveted by the the Kelly bag, a complete fashion industry legend (Princess Grace famously used the bag to camouflage her pregnancy).

So what do you wear to pay tribute to a princess?

Well, I thought about a ball gown, but settled for a pleated BCBG cocktail dress, my favourite flowery pumps and of course a Micalla necklace (the detail shots are for you Bethanny!).

Wandering the exhibit, I remarked on what an extraordinary life Her Serene Highness Princess Grace had lead. From a regular girl in the US, to a silver screen starlet, onto a palatial life in Monaco, and finally living on in memory, despite her premature death, as a fashion icon.

I have a lot of respect for someone who can rise to the occasion as Grace Kelly did and she made me realize that despite being a princess, the important thing is to feel like one.



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