LKISShops: Retail Therapy Hollywood-Style, Part 1


Touching down in LA is one of my favourite feelings.

It helps that I lived there for a short while a million years ago and that it is sunny. Like, always.

Top it off with close friends and family on the West coast and you can say I am as good as done.

Add in the fantabulous shopping to be had in Lala-land and I am a pig in…well…California.

So, where do you shop?

That is the question I always get asked, so I figured I would give you the answers I uncovered on my recent jaunt to LA.

First area that every girl should hit is Melrose.

Aside from the glorious nostalgia I feel when I am there (I used to live 3 blocks away!), I am always pleased to see the notion of the boutique is still in full swing on this strip. The vibe is rock and roll. Los Angeles has an underbelly and an edge that is captured in this neck of the woods. Unfortunately, the recession has hit hard for these retailers and I was totally sad to see that some of my favourite spots have ceased to exist.

But happily, there are still tons of stores to check out, and believe you me, I did just that.

A definite must is Joyrich. This crazy fun shop is filled with totally street-culture cool pieces that have been worn by the likes of Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne.

If you are a vintage shopper, like me, make sure to hit up the Melrose Trading Post every Sunday at the corner of (you guessed it) Melrose and Fairfax. They have tons of vintage vendors and some smaller local guys selling new stuff, too: I found fun goodies at this spot- check out a new skull ring to add to my collection.

Vintage shopping doesn’t end there. Head to American Vintage for piles of retro-cool duds.

Melrose is all about extremes and there was no shortage of extreme footwear on this strip.

There are more fantastic finds at Voom.

Girly pieces and totally reasonable, but still original styles are what it’s all about.

Another Melrose staple are the smoke shops, but funnily enough a ton of them have great cheap sunglasses. And when I say lots of styles, I mean bazillions of wacky shapes and sizes of traffic-stopping shades.

I know I said that Melrose embodies that LA edge and what better example of this is there than Necromance. Part museum of natural curiosities and part creepy-stuff supply shop, this spot is a little intense for the Twihards (think Ouiija boards and antique straight jackets), but perfect for those of us who don’t mind a touch of the occult.

Also a little edgier, head to the new shop called King, with custom-made corsets and dramatic (and a smidge goth) looks, that are totally fascinating to check out and would be even more fun to wear.

I spent a little time in this store and totally fell for the tailored blazers and the amazing tulle boleros.

There is no denying that the stylish set hit Melrose for some LA-infused fashions.

I spotted one guy who had a totally noteworthy personal style.

You can find out a lot about a place by hitting the stores and LA is no different.

Heading to Melrose you will be sure to spend a little, and look a lot. There is no shortage of great stores (despite the brutal effects of the recession) that have reasonable pieces to majorly enhance your wardrobe without breaking the bank.

I like the vibe on Melrose and I totally dig the edgy undertones one finds on this shoppers’ strip.

Rodeo drive? Well, that’s another story…



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