LKISEvents: Cruising with Tristan


I have never actually been on a cruise.

I think there must be something kind of magical about escaping the hustle and bustle of winter and basking in the sun on the high seas (and eating your face off, from what I hear). Hence the whole “cruise collection” trend that has emerged from high-fashion house trendsetters, who release resort-wear, mid-winter.

Well, Tristan has created a vacay line for the more reasonable shopper and it certainly made me want to migrate south.

The event celebrating this innovation was filled with local media and Tristan invitees, who were happily enjoying pina coladas while it dipped near zero degrees celsius outside.

I was digging basic red sandals that would be the perfect go-to flat on holiday.

Another hit: a loose and long treated grey tank (had a kind of light shimmer) and a matching fabric necklace.

This was extremely chic- especially given the price tag.

A patterned silk (ish) layering piece evoked a semi-Versace vibe…A little dated for my taste, but I liked the royal blue and black mix.

After perusing the goods, it was time for a fashion show.

Then we were left to wander some more.

I fell for a stand alone collar complete with Western beaded detailing (for $25, I bought it!).

And speaking of collars, I thought this faux fur accent would be the perfect (and completely politically correct) way to refresh a past season coat.

The winning piece of the evening?

An awesome pair of delicately sequinned black pants that all the ladies were wondering about…

If you are into a little glitter, I also thought there was fun to be had in this accessory combo:

Who could go wrong with blinged out shoes and a red felt hat?!

Especially together…

And, I know I was supposed to be checking out the cruise wear, but I was thinking about my own new year’s plans and how I could integrate a lotta sparkle and shine for 2012!

A cruise sounds good, but ultimately, I adore the cold weather during the holidays.

I love the whole thing: the new year starting, the ball dropping, having a glass of bubbly and watching the fresh snow fall.

The high seas may be far off for me, but at least I know where to go in case I have to fill a suitcase in a hurry.



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