LKISEvents: Finding Out if I am Naughty or Nice, with Little Burgundy


I would like to think that everyone has a little good and a touch of bad in them…There is something comforting about being the good girl, but there is definitely something awesome about being the bad girl.

I know, I know, Santa only gives toys to the good kids, but who needs toys when you are busy having all the fun being naughty!

 Well, Little Burgundy (a retail division of the Aldo empire with over 70 world class brands on their shelves) decided that they would celebrate this “Naughty or Nice” theme to ring in the holidays and show off a few great spring looks….

I got to this event and decided to check out the displays that had tons of covet-worthy stuff.

My first stop: Floral Docs would be a super addition to anyones footwear collection.

I also LOVED these neon book bags…(I have seen this great look in action at this past LG Fashion Week).

And once we are on the schoolgirl theme (what is naughtier than that, I ask you?), there was an adorable blue floral satchel and some great backpacks (I have been sporting a backpack for a year and I am excited to have a little company with this trend).

These amazing red Hunters would be perfect come spring (and a matching bag?! I never wanted it to rain so badly).

Check out these shoes with the perfect touch of Aztec.

You can never go wrong with killer kicks from Vans.

And of course there were loads of hipster shades that would up any cool factor.

After scoping out the goods on display it was time to contemplate whether I am naughty or nice.

And there were an array of tools to evaluate this.

Firstly, which coaster would I use:

Then, who did I associate with: the Biebs or the always-winning Charlie Sheen…

What candy did I want to eat: The blue or the red stuff??

It seems there were other naughties/nicies like these fab gals from Aldo.

This was not going to be easy.

A true identity crisis would ensue…

SO, I decided to really reflect on my inner self (deep stuff here, people) and see which vibe fit.

I definitely have some nice in me (I say this as I see a picture of me trying to lick Justin Beiber’s face…hmmm)…

But I also do have some naughty…

But in the end, who am I kidding…I am a good girl…

………..mooooooost of the time!

What does it say on Santa’s list about you? Well, he’s checking it twice so he’ll know, for sure….



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