LKISObsession: A Few of my Favourite Things. Self-Gifting Made Easy (and stylish, of course), Part 1


My mother and I have a tradition.
Every year we head out in late November and snap up all the gifts we need to get for our family for the December holidays. We spend the day looking (and buying) and then we wait. We wait almost a month before we exchange presents and let me tell you, patience is truly a virtue.

I cannot wait to give gifts!
I love watching my loved ones tear into something I have painstakingly researched and purchased for their enjoyment. But there is ALSO something to be said for buying yourself a little trinket. So, just when you thought the holidays were over and the gift-giving was done, I think you should head out and treat yourself to an extra bit of holiday cheer….

One way to indulge yourself is to beautify a little.
Personally, I love to try a bunch of different looks when it comes to makeup.
This kit (available at Sephora) boasts a bazillion colours and a cute new look from Hello Kitty Noir.

Another great cosmetic buffet is found in the limited edition OPI nail kit available exclusively at Sephora. Mini nail polishes in a cute shelf-like display are perfect if you want to have a selection without taking up a ton of room.

Teckie? I am.

Anything technological and I am totally intrigued.
Add in a little element of instant gratification and you are seriously speaking my language.
If I am speaking your language too, the absolutely chubby and adorable Fuijifim Instax MINI 25 Instant Film Camera (for $82 on Amazon!!!) snaps shots and then prints wallet-sized photos.

I also love this old school handset.
I saw it originally by a gorgeous pool on vacation (James this one is for you!) and was smitten with the retro vibe and the intrigue it caused. Well, for $28 on, it is a total conversation piece that will definitely make those who grew up with a rotary phone feel right at home.

Are you a fashion and music junky?
I flipped for these winterized headphones from Juicy Couture: A little bit country and definitely a little bit rock and roll.

And if you want to take better care of yourself this year, try the Lark.
I actually bought this for Birkin- sleep is a commodity these days and I HATE alarm clocks.
The Lark syncs with your iPhone or iPad and gently lifts you out of your sleep with a vibrating bracelet, not to mention that it also tracks your sleep patterns and gives you suggestions on how to improve your zzz’s.

The holidays are all about the joy of giving…well, giving is one thing,
but getting a little is pretty darn good, too.

What is your favourite gift to give to yourself?

More presents from me to you coming in my next post!!



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