LKISJetsetter: The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo for H&M


While I have heard it is great, I haven’t seen the movie The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.
But like any bibliophile, I have read the book. Lisbeth Salander was the perfect unlikely heroine of this bestseller and the style captured on screen and in the pages of this novel are totally covet-worthy.

So, how perfect is it that H&M came out with a collection inspired by the edgy, waif-y, asocial, butt-kicker?!

I know, I know, the collection came out in December, but I happen to be in Germany right now (true story) and I like to explore whenever I am away from home.

Well, I managed to wander into H&M and snap up a pair of shoes from the movie-inspired collection.

My Dragon Tattoo kicks would totally turn any girl into a lean-mean-hacking-machine (a la Lisbeth Salander).

These shoes happen to be extremely comfy, and pretty darn cool if you ask me:
A great combination in my (Girl with the Dragon Tattoo) book.



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