LKISObsession: Damn, I Really Wish I Could Skate


I have always resented the cliche that Canadians are somehow allegedly naturally predisposed to a magical skating ability. This assumption is both somewhat…well….general… and in my case, flat out wrongo-bongo.

I, for one, cannot skate at all. Period. I have attempted skating an appalling 10 times in my life (literally) and have a love for hockey that probably relates to my need to compensate for a complete inability to glide along ice on blades.

But what I lack in practice, I make up for in style (right? right!).

And, nothing makes me wanna play forward more than girly gear like these amazing gauntlets (even the word is cool- so glaaaaadiator).

Perfectly pink, I would contemplate scoring a goal with my dukes in these.

Hockey Night in Canada, here I come…



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