LKISObsession: Stylish-tea


Upon my return from Germany (more on that trip later this week), I found a little care package from the lovely folks at Davids Tea.

Now, I would like to meet David and his team, because, from the looks of this stuff, tea isn’t just for little old ladies anymore.

My bag, personalized (Thanks, BG!):

I literally sat down on the floor and opened the bag to find a cool looking contraption and some tea!

“What is this?!” I thought.

Well, the Noble is a completely updated glass travel thermos.

It has this sleek look to it and you put the tea inside and it brews on-the-go!

With a huge removal filter, this is as convenient and sophisticated as modern tea-drinking can get.

Along with the thermos, I received some lovely tea (thanks Mr. David) and I couldn’t get over what a great gift item this would be. I mean think about it: I am so tired of giving everyone wine or chocolate. Wouldn’t this be a delightful present?!

I am definitely weary about walking around with glass, but when I asked the question (why glass?) turns out it is better for you and that it will stay cold (and manageable for my little sensitive hands) on the outside and piping hot on the inside due to its very cool double-paned construction.

Over all, a very stylish way to be a tea drinker, wouldn’t you say?

Thanks David: I am totally digging your tea.



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