LKISShops: Frankfurt


Frankfurt is a unique mix of the old and new.

German skyscrapers stand next to vintage buildings. Old etiquette mixed with modern amenities make this town an international travel hub.

After wandering around drinking my Coca Light (love, love love) I found my way to 


…this area happens to be “the” shopping spot and I could definitely see why.

First up, I spotted Le Sportsac, filled with delightful versions of this perfect go-to bag. All the regular basics were replaced with an array of totally wacky patterns and colours, which made these bags all the better (your gym tote never looked so good).

I kept wandering and came across Allure. If you ever find yourself here, be prepared to spend and enjoy top of the line designer duds.

Then it was on to Linda for shoes, shoes and more shoes (it was as if they knew I was coming!).

PFuller was what I thought was only a designer kids store (for the record, mini D&G is quite adorable), but is also a totally adult shopping-worthy retail destination.

I kept wandering toward the Zeil (it is a pedestrian area not far from Geothestrausse) and came upon Zara Home (I have heard of but never seen this before!). Very cool.

I thought that I was done with shoes at Linda, but then I spotted Gortz. While the name didn’t quite roll off my tongue, there was nothing bad about this shoe department store.

It was then official, I was at the Zeil. Complete with impressive shopping mall, this pedestrian-only street was bustling with shoppers.

I literally stopped and stared at the walking hot dog grill-man for a while….

Feeling a little hungry, I was drooling outside the candy store with a name that I still can’t pronounce. It’s a gummy bear hot spot and is vegan and diabetic friendly.

A sale at Zara and a pair of shoes at H&M later, I was heading back to the hotel room to sleep off some jet lag… then it was time to head to work in Frankfurt. At least I had a chance to play… Okay, yes, I consider shopping playing.

and quite Frank-ly (I couldn’t resist), it was great!



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