LKISEvents: MFW, the Fashion Day 1 and 2


Fashion weeks are whirlwinds and Montreal is no exception! With countless shows, piles of style and beauty, and a ton of networking to be done, it is literally non-stop. Well, the first two days of this marathon were jam-packed with shows and here are my thoughts on a few of them.

Day 1:

Tavan & Mitto

This show was a total pleasant surprise. The clothes were crisp, fresh and colour blocked. I flipped for a beaded dress that would knock anyone’s socks off and a sequin copper oversized suit that totally reinvented the meaning of chic.


It didn’t shock me that Duy was also a feast for the eyes. The hint of goth was right up my current aesthetic alley and the garments were clearly constructed beautifully.

Melissa Nepton

This was my third Melissa Nepton show and I can officially say I am a fan. There is a futuristic element that keeps me intrigued and she manages to inject a soft fresh colour in every collection. This season it was the most delicious and unexpected mint green.

Marie Saint Pierre

I didn’t “get” this show necessarily albeit the clothes were perfectly wearable. Fabric fringe was a constant and that was pretty interesting. The lighting was horrible (which is my only complaint)… but from what I could see, I would happily own any of it.

My conclusion: Day one was packed with wearable, quality collections.

The beauty (courtesy of P&G of course): Highlights on Day 1 were ribbon bangs (very cool), black lipstick and sleek low ponytails.

Day 2:

Martin Lim

This show was certainly colourful given the Fall/Winter season it represented. Personally, this aesthetic does not appeal to me (I heard someone mention that they looked like fashion-y scrubs…eeps) and more fabric fringe was added to the Montreal fashion week mix, this time with thicker strips. A beautiful white gown was the winner on this runway- perfect for a beachy wedding.

Eve Gravel

Girls marched out in fur hats and boots which certainly grabbed (and maybe took away from?) the audience’s attention. I was digging the fringe boot accents that bopped down the runway (more fringe, shocking!) and the winter fashionista vibe is always a welcome one in my books.

The Beauty: Gorgeous high buns and crisp fresh makeup for Martin Lim and long flowing locks at Gravel.

Day 1 and 2 of Montreal Fashion Week started off with a bang. I was proud to see clothes that really looked well-made and worth the runway. The beauty was innovative and dramatic (I mean, I would even contemplate black lipstick, crazy right?) and the overall vibe was pretty energetic.

Stay tuned for the behind the scenes posts and more on the rest of MFW!



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