LKISEvents: MFW, the Fashion Day 3 and 4


The second half of Montreal Fashion Week was just as busy as the first. Aside from chatting it up with my fellow fashion-lovers, I was busy snapping photos on the runway, getting to sneak backstage and check out all the amazing beauty (courtesy of P&G) and trying to stay hydrated….

So here are the highlights from the final days at MFW Fall/Winter 2012:

Day 3:

CIN Tailleurs

Crisp and tailored, these folks looked like they could wax poetic about fashion or literature. Leather accents gave the collection a fresh edge and kept from being too corporate. I particularly liked the suit-style gown that would be an amazing twist on a formal look.

Ca va de Soi

Hmmmm. What to say here… this was a show of knits, upon knits, upon knits. WHile I can totally appreciated that these clothes are probably immaculately made and done with materials that would knock my tactile socks off, I was far from excited during this show. Truly basic styling and virtually no accessories made for a pretty showless show….

Samuel Dong

Models moved down the runway to twangy classics and the whole feeling was showmanship meets fashion. Plain and simple. Totally wearable and yet interesting clothes (and not matronly!), styled fantastically, enriched by the music, made this show a pleasure to watch. People were totally toe-tapping in the front row and murmurs of “I would totally wear that,” were definitely heard.




This collection is considered Eco Haute Couture. I can appreciate the sentiment and it is nice to see that the environment is a message finding its way into fashion. These were elaborate gowns in natural colours that certainly evoked the essence of ecological.

The Beauty: My faves for the P&G beauty looks on Day 3, Samuel Dong’s amazing rolled bangs (so Nashville/Hillbilly awesome), and the gorgeous heart-shaped up-do’s that gave a regal feeling to Abol.

Day 4:

Rud styled by Rudsak

When I watched these flushed and ski-goggled gals strut, I kept thinking about that James Bond movie where there is a chase on skis: Intrigue, sophitiscation and a hint of cheeky sexiness. Aside from the overall vibe, the coats managed to be puffy without being too puffy, if you know what I mean and would prep any Canadian for the winter… I particularly loved a white jacket that had an empire shape.


Telio Les Creatuers Mode de Demain

Holy talent parade. This show was very cool. Using red fabric, design students from across the country created looks that represented their aesthetic. This is a competition and there was no doubt that these were fierce competitors. Designers of tomorrow were very much demonstrating their talent and skill today.

Beauty: The grande finale on Day 4 was definitely the beauty for Rud. I loved the flushed cheeks and emphasized brows that gave the sense that these girls had been outside all night. Tight buns and rouged cheeks were leek looking for Telio.

Sooooo, that is it for the fashions at this season’s Montreal Fashion Week. What did you think?? I was pretty psyched about how it all came together.

More on the street style amazingness from MFW coming soon and that is definitely one to watch for. Montrealers certainly know how to show up for a runway show looking f-a-b-u-l-o-u-s.



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