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New York is a special place that occupies a sacred place in my heart. This is probably not news to anyone, and yet I still feel compelled to articulate it. It hums with energy and style and given that I used to live there, I feel right at home. I went to NYC for a portion of New York Fashion (more on that in another post) and found myself totally stimulated by all kinds of fun style and things to see:

Why do I love NY? Specifically, you can get anything in this city that never sleeps. For instance, I was mesmerized by the plethora of mobile cupcake carts.

Yes please.

I also spotted a pretty busy fur kiosk which would have had PETA going nuts…

Mobility is a constant in NYC: I spotted the adorable Kate Spade pop-up shop.

My appreciation for New York would not be complete without a trip to one of my absolute favourite places, All Saints. Check out this awesome shell necklace I was dying to have.

NYC embodies that sense of opportunity and hidden talent around every corner.

I ended up meeting this accessories designer who makes totally cheeky pins.

I thought it fitting and ultra-American that a western theme (elevated) was displayed at the flagship Prada store (I am still overwhelmed by that space, every time). I was in love with a blinged out western style shirt and the awesome combination of rhinestones and florals.

New Yorkers are no nonsense folks (something I love and try to emulate) and I adored these all business snowboarding boots I spotted in Soho.

I also think that part of living in NYC is being prepared for anything, but always with style… I thought these ultra-feminine rain booties would totally do the trick.

This ghettoblaster/iPod dock made me wanna hum a little…concrete jungle where dreams are made of

Pride is palpable in this city and I loved the shoe wall at Converse that gave new meaning to waving the American flag.

Being practical also requires New Yorkers to remain stylish while always on-the-go and these purses at TopShop would be ideal for any NYC girl who is constantly on the move.

Getting around the city requires sensible, but also totally fabulous, shoes, and I spotted quite a few pairs that I would endorse.

Nude and neon shoes at Aldo (loved the colour combo- so fresh)

And awesome sky-high electric blue platforms that were all height and impact, how NY is that?!

I heart NY is not just a T-shirt, it’s a mantra.

I think everyone who lives in Manhattan never quite gets over it.

It is just one of those places that finds its way into your heart and sticks.



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