LKISSedOff: X Marks the Spot


I don’t write rants all that often…but alas, this one cannot be helped.

Here is the thing: That “X” on the back flap of your blazer is not supposed to stay there.


I wish that someone would put a little tag or sign or something so that I wouldn’t have to walk behind people that forgot/didn’t know to remove that stupid X stitch.

Now I get that this little stitch (it is called basting, btw) might be necessary for retailers/vendors to make clothes hang a little neater and crisper on the rack in the store and to maybe (just maybe) be a good indicator that someone has worn the garment upon attempting a return… BUT I wish with everything that I am that people knew a back flap on a blazer or a kick pleat should NOT be sewn together in a giant “X.”

I recently had the pleasure of walking behind this guy and managed to absolutely seethe with fashion frustration:

The thing is that your blazer just can’t move with your shape if you forget to cut that little stitch. You end up creating a bulge unnecessarily (not to mention bad style karma).

PS: Your pockets aren’t fake- they are just stitched shut.

What does this mean?

Please for all that is good in this fashion world, take grooming scissors or tweezers and liberate your clothes…trust me they (and I) will thank you.



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