LKISEvents: Blogger Brunch at Le Germain


When I was asked to attend the blogger brunch at hotel Le Germain in Maple Leaf Square, I knew to expect elegance, but the added bonus was a completely delightful afternoon.

What to wear to meet a bunch of fashion-y bloggettes?

I went for silver jeans, a transparent smoke trench and a white shirt (which seemed to be the theme of the day!):

Get a bunch of style and blog-obsessed girls in one room and what do you have? One chatty meal!

I approached the magnificent hotel (complete with a sidewalk view of the CN Tower) and went in to head up to the apartment suit where the brunch was being hosted on the 8th floor.

There I met our host (with the absolute most) Marta ( and the other girls who I would be dining with from,,,,, and

All with unique points of view and lots of fun insights into the world of blogging.

As we contemplated our four course meal, our conversation ranged between what things we love to hate about Toronto Fashion Week, the PR folks who treat us well…and not so well…, dishing on weird blogging stories and tips on how to get designer duds on the cheap (there are a few Winners spots that are apparently better than others in TO…).

Our, first course was a delicious breakfast style mini-bite on a stone slab, complete with a powdered sugar “g.”

Then it was on to our three other courses:
Chips and ceviche, sheppard pie followed by a delectable dessert.

The whole experience was really interesting. I found out that, like me, there are bloggers out there that have sort of fallen into this world and followed their passion; that the Playboy parties in LA are not for everyone and that getting spam from PR reps is a definite no-no!

Our luncheon was so great, I almost missed my flight! (true story ladies!!!) and what happens when you get a bunch of bloggers together?

Well, they write about it!

 These girls were all different, cool, outspoken and welcoming.

I like to think that this little lunch was just a snapshot of what blogging is all about.



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