LKISEvents: NYFW, the Scene (and boy was it a scene!), Part 2


The cool thing about New York Fashion week is the fact that it attracts all types…One commonality that all attendees have is an appreciation for glamour. Celebs, stylists, bloggers, moguls and diehard fashion-lovers (that would be me, kiddies) all come together to check out the style on the runway and then live and breath the style off the runway.

With a name sake like Mercedes Benz Fashion Week you know that it is gonna be a glamorous ride (pun intended!)…

 Check out these amazing gowns that were in the Mercedes display:

This blogette from Because I am Fabulous was, well, utterly fabulous.

Another totally chic attendee (gorgeous beaded jacket).

 These gals were so on my page. Love their edgy inspired style.

The stylemakers came out for NYFW, like Philip Bloch who has always been at the forefront of fashion.

Then there was reality star Dwight Eubanks, who was striking a pose, for real.

And in his stylish way, Russell Simons was there to take in the shows.

My version of New York Fashion glamour?

An Armani collar, a lot of black, a splash of green, faux leather get-up and, of course, a gorgeous necklace from Micalla.

Off the runway at NYFW was definitely something to behold.
The shows were good too, don’t get me wrong…but I loved checking out the fashion set and how they bring it to mingle amongst their own…And for me, how cool was it to be back in my favourite fashion ‘hood?
Very, very cool.



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