LKISEvents: World Mastercard (that’s short for Toronto) Fashion Week, the Fashion, Day 3


Day three of World Mastercard Fashion Week was yet another fashion marathon. Back-to-back shows made for an eventful day. The seats were packed and everyone was ready to see the looks from some very different designers. Tried-and-true powerhouses were squeezed in between up-and-coming heavy-hitters…

Eva Chen

I was extremely pleasantly surprised by the Eva Chen show. Utterly Feminine, but ultimately strong, it definitely spoke to my personal aesthetic. Power suits that still played up the female silhouette really stood out for me…not to mention the gorgeous gold gown.

Vawk and Vawkkin

Asian inspiration took the floor at the Vawk runway show. Obie belts and kimono sleeves were accents that articulated the theme while still being chic. The sister line to Vawk was also shown here with real world models (utterly refreshing). This Vawkkin addendum was a surprise and the clothes were a bit too ho-hum for me.

Cara Cheung

This show made me feel like I had fallen into a costume closet on set for a mash-up of Barbarella, Flash Gordon and Earth Girls are Aliens…Wickedly short hemlines dominated, with exaggerated hips (peplum anyone?!) and shimmery accents. These dresses would knock anyone socks off given that they brimming with sexy sassy attitude.


You can count on line to show a wearable collection that has pieces that would fit into any wardrobe. This knitwear was filled with zigging (and zagging) patterns in earthy colours that would be great as a single addition… but I don’t know how much one could buy of this look….I did manage to completely fall for a fur trim wrap.


Oh, Bustle…you know how to get the audience, don’t you?! Cool western inspired duds? Check. Open-shirted six-packing Cowboys? Check. Stacey Mckenzie in hot pants? Check.

Melissa Nepton

I seriously heart Melissa Nepton at this point. It’s been two seasons and four shows of pure unadulterated fashion pleasure to watch. Nudes, sands and ice-y mint-y greens, chunky knit statement-making sweaters and a softness that just works. This collection felt like a real collection (and I might want to start collecting…).

Joe Fresh

This show was expectedly packed and as usual Joe Fresh paraded a ton of looks that felt exciting. It opened with the mod film Blow-Up…someone should have told them that they showed this film at Toronto Fashion Week for another designer three seasons ago- whoops! A cool new addition: orange-soled shoes (how Louboutin-ish).

Why is Joe Fresh completely genius? Well, It’s not just the fact that this show integrated vibrant juicy colour into a collection for Fall/Winter, or the fact that it evoked sixties kitch, but maybe it’s because it is all of that and available at your local grocery store?

I think so.

Day three is done and now it is time to get ready for Day four! This epic fashion week takes it out of you, but it is sooooo worth it.

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