LKISEvents: World Mastercard (that’s short for Toronto) Fashion Week, the Fashion, Day 4


So firstly, if you missed my review of Day one and Day two of World Mastercard Fashion Week, head to the official Fashion Week Site , scroll down and you will see it there!

Day Four of World Mastercard Fashion Week was filled with inspiration, from S&M to seventies rock glamour, to Hitchcock’s the birds there was plenty of provocative and enticing designs to take in.


The show started with a shirtless dude and his two girls (in nothing but undies and T’s) sauntering in to a pile of jeans and putting them on all for the audience to see. This denim line is all about swagger and attitude. A highlight was the Triarchy signature pocket replicated on a purse.

Caitlin Power

Futuristic and from another planet these looks evoked a certain…well…powerfulness. Sheer overlays still managed to stay structured and strong and rounded puffy arms were certainly a fresh silhouette. This show definitely had my attention.


Count on Rudsak to send a million different black jackets down the runway that will make you justify why you need six different styles. Tons of fur accents and design that still managed to make women in down look sexy. (But, be careful Rudsak peeps…some of the coats looked a lot like another Canadian jacket line we love…)

Ezra Constantine

A packed house came to see Toronto’s fashion darling, Ezra Constantine. I wouldn’t call an S&M inspired show controversial necessarily, but definitely edgy. Murmurs could be heard from a lot of the female show-goers that they would wear this men’s collection (Sequins, jumpsuits and shiny Doc Martens). I would definitely sport the fabulous bondage tie shirt that closed the show.

Pink Tartan

Fall Winter 2012 is looking very glamorous and delightfully colourful according to Pink Tartan. Fur accents were every where and in loads of delicious colours (red, pink, emerald green). There literally tons of pieces for any fashionista to choose from. More peplum (if there is one thing to take away this season) and slim pants with an awesome chic flare highlighted this extremely strong collection.

David Dixon

I have actually seen The Birds by Alfred Hitchcock and as it played to open David Dixon, I was delighted that this would serve as the inspiration for the show. I do not always relate to Dixon’s designs, but these looks were chic (not to mention consistently accented with feathers) and totally retro with a well conveyed darkness which really brought his inspiration to life.

The last day is here and I cannot believe how fast the week goes! More from the final day at World Mastercard Fashion Week coming soon and then before we know it we will be starting all over again in the fall!



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