LKISEvents: World Mastercard (that’s short for Toronto) Fashion Week, the Fashion Day 5


I always have mixed emotions on the last day of Toronto Fashion Week. On the one hand I am exhausted and have so much work left to do, and on the other hand I am eager to see that last pop of fashion file down the runway.

And, true to form, the 5th and final day was truly a finale.

Saniya Khan

The Saniya Kahn show was light and airy with kind of an ethereal woodsy fairytale vibe. I could picture these pieces featured in a storybook shoot with draping velvet, intricate detail and added sparkle. Everything looked really comfy without compromising its feminine feel.

Arthur Mendonca

Arthur, Arthur, Arthur: You know what I want and need in life. This whole collection was simply succulent. Perfect colour, gorgeous totally sexy clothes with a hint of S&M to give you just a little smirk as each look went by (I might have loved the latex tights, the fur stoles and the metallic lace). Please, somebody, get me that finale empire dress. Divine.

Travis Taddeo

Yet another show where I was blown away. Inspired by a woman facing the destruction of the world, there were some pieces that literally blew my socks off. I flipped for a shirt with fur-wrapped sleeves, the all-red looks (so striking!) and the luscious red motorcycle jacket with fur accents… Judging by the audience’s reaction, the end of the world might be fast approaching if some of us don’t get our hands on that jacket.

Joeffer Caoc

Well, more peplum, anyone? Modern metallics and studs mixed well with some interestingly retro-inspired silhouettes and created a look I hadn’t seen yet at the tents. Caoc combined all kinds of textures: sequins, leather, tweed, to create an edgy collection of everyday separates.

Rad by Rad Hourani #5 Unisex Collection

Completely androgynous and asexual, these looks clearly were defying the norms of what we normally see on the catwalk (not to mention both guys and girls strutting in boots with heels). This collection truly was designed for both of the sexes.

Dare to Wear Love

What a way to go out with a bang! Canadian celebs, fashion industry alums and models all paraded down the runway in support of the Stephen Lewis Foundation. It was a sea of colour, energy and some really memorable moments (Dana Pugliese fanning away, Ainsley Kerr strutting with a smile, Trish Status carrying one audience-member over her shoulder!). But who stole the show? The adorable Danielle Brown, as this adorable mini-model high-fived the entire front row!

I am not sure if my memory gets fuzzy over the seasons or if I just get nostalgic for fashion week the minute it’s over, but this year seemed like it was next-level. Day five was a great mash-up of incredible shows and I was filled with Canadian pride as the catwalk came to a close.



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