LKISEvents: World Mastercard (that’s short for Toronto) Fashion Week, the Scene Day 3


I love that fashion week brings out all kinds of people who all share one thing in common: A love for everything stylish. It also manages to bring a lot of folks together, chatting, shmoozing and networking. On day three of World Mastercard Fashion Week, I came across new friends and old ones and people who are out there to enjoy that one essential ingredient in their life: Fashion!

This fierce fashionista totally brought it on day three:

Speaking of fierce, Arlene Dickinson was taking it all in from the front row (investment ideas, perhaps…).

The totally fabulous Beeko Beauttah was positively radiant.

And, the completely gracious and stunning socialista Ainsley Kerr, looked uber-chic in head-to-toe off white.

The Montreal crew was there: Fashionista514, Miss Sly and Lolitta Dandoy (yay girls!).

Fashion friends are one of a kind and these three stylish fashion week staples know it to be true.

Fashion brings peeps together like these two dapper dudes donning hats.

And, like mindedness was the drill for the lovely Korhani designer Kirsten Korhani and I, in sparkly neutrals (Um, it kinda’ looks like I have no pants on, but I was wearing nude leather shorts, I swear!).

And if you are going to be fashion friends, don’t forget to wear stylish friendship bracelets.

To all my fashion week friends (and you know who you are):

I adore you all!

See you on Day 4,



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