LKISEvents: World Mastercard (that’s short for Toronto) Fashion Week, the Scene Day 4


Between the shows on Day 4 of World Mastercard Fashion Week, I was scouring the tents for cool fashion accents and there was no shortage of show-goers who were totally done up. You see, a head-to-toe, diehard fashionista pays attention to the details.

I was coveting these amazing platform silver shoes.

It isn’t fashion week if you don’t have awesome sunglasses like this awesome Bloggette.

Jewellery is definitely a great way to add a bit of glam to any stylish get-up. My girl Bianca looked amazing in her new necklace from Cocoa Jewellery.

The totally charming and gorgeous (inside and out!) FDCC-er Ashley, was sporting fab feathered earrings.

I loved this addition of some neon pop with piles of electric beads.

Accents were totally where it’s at with this awesome Native Canadian detail.

And, if you are going to add pizazz to your look, why not try matching your jewels, bag and nails- now that is fashion commitment (awesome bracelets from Elliphont!!!).

Speaking of matching nails, loved the blue nail polish and blue-accented sweater.

Boys sure know how to get into the fashion-y detes, like this guy who had on an awesome tie/bolero/neckpiece.

And, my favourite guys from IMG have come to delight me each day with perfectly pressed and fabulous pocket squares.

My fashion accents on Day Four? Loads of luscious pearls.


I love clothes, don’t get me wrong, but there is just this awesome feeling when you finally finish a look with those perfectly placed accents.

Time to get ready for day 5…See you at the tents!



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