LKISEvents: World Mastercard (that’s short for Toronto) Fashion Week, the Scene Day 5


The fifth and final day of Toronto Fashion Week was a feast for the stylish eye.

On the runway there was tons to see but it was off the runway that got to me! It was all about personal style and have that chic je-ne-sais-quoi….

I loved this show-goers head-to-toe look.

My girl, Mel, was rockin’ it in a great long shag vest.

I can’t forget this stylish guy:
Designer Christopher Bates looked amazing in his pink blazer.

And, if you are going to have flare, you might as well find a like-minded fashionista.
This twosome was loving their tails.

This pair was gorge in totally original get-ups (the dress on the left is made of can tops!).

Want to make a personal style splash? You can never go wrong with a bit (or if you ask me, a lot!) of sparkle:

These shoes were the ultimate bling.

Standing out in this fashionable crowd is no problem for amazing stylist Melanie Brisson, who had on an accessory that I still want to borrow (steal?!)!
Should we call it an ear-dangle? An earlace? An earrounding? Whatever it is called, I LOVED it!

Personal style is all about expressing yourself and a stack of pins was getting the message across.

And, personal style can also be about the subtle touches; the accents.
This fashion week attendee looked gorgeous in green.

Sassy cat eyes made this model agency gal’s peepers pop.

A pair of (truly) signature shoes can do the trick (Eurotrashgirl you were smashing).

Or, a pair of bondage-y boots were totally bold.

Even electronic accessories can convey personality, like this bunny-earred iPhone case.

And don’t forget that on day five, it was about to be Saint Patty’s day, so these boys were giving a nod to a bit of Irish green.

If you want to know how personal style is done, you just have to ask the F-List‘s Leesa Butler, who strutted in the Dare to Wear Love show and totally rocked her look after rocking the runway.

Or, embrace your diva-ness like Bikko Beauttah, who defines the word glamorous.

Personal style is also all about being totally fabulous inside and out…just ask my new fave, Ainsley Kerr.

My fifth day style-finale: Head-to-toe black with a hint of emerald green and a lot of sheer.

Fashion is all about expressing your own personal aesthetic and there was no better example of that than at the tents on the last day of Toronto fashion week.

I definitely felt right at home!



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