LKISObsession: Time Pieces


I have a thing for clocks. Big ones, little ones, somewhere in the middle ones. I love them all. There is just something about the cogs and mechanisms that click around behind the scenes moving the delicate hands, all to tell me it’s time to get to my next meeting. There is something sophisticated, intricate and elegant about a clock.

Enter these amazing pieces made by Madame Mathilde, which celebrate and showcase time as told by a clock. I am completely smitten with these whimsical (and non-digital) tellers of time.

Madame Mathilde is a jewelry and handbag line based in New York. The name Madame Mathilde comes from a character in the 1890’s short story The Necklace. In Spring 2009, Jennifer Niles founded Madame Mathilde as she recognized the opportunity to make vintage costume jewelry pieces relevant by reinterpreting them for the modern woman.

Each piece of Madame Mathilde jewelry is hand-made in New York using a combination of unique materials, including vintage rhinestone brooches, antique chandelier crystals, mixed chains and vintage scarves (love it!). 

I am a sucker for nostalgia and anything antique-y and what better way to recall times gone by than with a delightful and whimsical clock-adorned accessory.

It’s definitely time to get one these amazing pieces.



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