LKISShops: Spring training in lululemon


When Spring is in the air, suddenly I get the urge to be active. I am generally kinda sporty, but any excuse to get new workout gear and I am doubly inspired! Well, this Sunday, I headed into Lululemon and was pleasantly surprised to see Spring in full bloom and it wasn’t all black-is-the-only-colour-to-work-out-in.

Girly colours abound and it had me thinking that maybe sweating it out could look pretty cool in these get-ups…

Bright short shorts would definitely help traffic dodge you.
Traffic may even stop for you in these 🙂

I loved the matching tank-top with perfectly perforated straps.

And, check out this ruched neon pink tank that could totally go from under a blazer onto a bike path.

Girly doesn’t have to mean skimpy:

Like this shell that has a lacy look to it and pulls in at the waist (you can’t get more feminine than that!).

If you are looking for that Spring awakening vibe, this floral yoga mat bag is utterly delightful.

Lululemon is all about the details in active clothing and that is totally evident in this delicious sweater that could easily keep you warm during a cool down.

The highlight of this little window-shopping trip was the lulu answer to the circle scarf.
Except get this:
Theirs has snaps (and comes in an array of perfect colours).

On the tag, it shows you different ways to wear this completely versatile accessory.

And, in the store, one of the salespeople managed to add a her signature style to the snuggly-circle-scarf-mix.

So, ’tis the season for getting ready to put on a bathing suit…What is your favourite go-to (but fashionable) workout gear?

Hit the gym or the park in style with totally adorable pieces from lululemon athletica.



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