LKISStyle: Another Virgin Post and Some Other Birthday Treats


Okay, first up, it was birthday last week and so my post on Virgin Radio this week was all about what to wear to my/your birthday… What wear my tips and tricks on what to wear for your special day? See it here:

But then I also wanted to share a couple of items that made my b-day!

Firstly, some of you know I am obsessed with Muay Thai (it is a Thai martial art that totally makes me happy and I have been doing it for a while…a little fashionista’ killa’), and my best gift received this year was amazing fightwear in the perfect girly pink (Thanks Jay!)!

You know how excited I get when sporty-spicy stuff comes in pink?

Remember the hockey gloves!?

Then my other delightful surprise on this birthday was a treat from my faves over at @DAVIDsTEA who gave me…get this…Birthday Cake Tea! Complete with adorable sprinkles and I swear, this stuff is ridiculously delish and smells just like a birthday cake!! They gave me three flavours: Ice Cream Cake, Chocolate Cake and Birthday Cake. I am COMPLETELY obsessed.

Another year:

A little older, a little wiser and totally grateful for all of it.



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