LKISEvents: Manis & Tinis


I love getting pampered.
When it comes to girly stuff like getting my hair, makeup or nails done, I am all over it. Add in the excuse to hang out with a bunch of great, like-minded friends and an event that is for a great cause…well, I would be there with bells on!

The Manis & Tinis event for YAD Montreal was all that good stuff and more. It helps obviously that I was a chair of the event, but regardless of my involvement, this was a great night of beautification, and here is how it all went down:

Photo Courtesy Jonathan Roll Photography

All the girls were given the opportunity to have two services done for 50$ (talk about a deal!) at the hands of the extremely talented peeps at Avanti Spa.

I had my makeup done by Annie Young herself (She is the queen of makeup artistry. Seriously).

Photo Courtesy Jonathan Roll Photography

Then it was off to get my hair done.

I have to say I was thrilled with the results.

Photo Courtesy Jonathan Roll Photography

The ladies were loving it, having their manis and their tinis and just chilling with good friends.

Photo Courtesy Jonathan Roll Photography

And, despite my involvement, I am always on a style-spotting mission.
I flipped for these rings worn by their designer Ariane Arazi.

Thanks so much to all who came out for a great cause and got beautified!!



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