LKISObsession: A Love Letter to House of Holland


Surrounded by fashion and beauty stuff on a regular basis, it takes a pretty powerful force to derail me…distract me, even…

Well, I have come across this line before, but right now I have a new-found obsession with it: House of Holland, how I love you… Let me count the ways…

1. I love the way you made minty cloud-covered jeans (I want these!!!).

2. I love how you made platform sneakers covered in deliciously oversized pockadots.

3. I love the way you used thick circus stripes in the most amazingly chic way (my heart melts for that jumpsuit).

4. Not to mention the pink striped baby doll…I would wear this shape everyday!!

5. I love the way you made a skinny flared pant with a matching tunic for Fall, 2012.

6. I love your interpretation of houndstooth in the most modern colourful way.

7. I absolutely LOVE your version of Autumn leather with bold colours and coordinated scarf…

8. I love your ode-to-houndstooth jumpsuit with the sparkle-y pattern melting away.

9. I love your undies that kind of give it away…

10. And, I love these stockings that have a sense of cheekiness…literally?! (I actually own these…)

I wonder if they will read this love letter, and feel my adoration from across the pond?

House of Holland, I am smitten as a kitten.



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