LKISEvents: Montreal Fashion Week, The Fashion Day 2


My second day (and final day actually- it was a busy week!) at Montreal Fashion Week was another roster of shows that really impressed. While some of the clothes would not make it in to my personal closet, I could still see the appeal. It’s a proud moment when you can sit in the front row in your home town and head backstage (courtesy of being a guest of P&G) and take in shows that have meaning, have true workmanship, showmanship and, of course, style.

Iris Setlakwe.

These clothes were a bit ho-hum for the runway, but ultimately they are work-ready basics that any woman could actually wear. Vibrant colours, carefully constructed and extremely sellable, this collection was ready for the buyers.


Be still my Duy-heart. I loved this show- from beginning to end, top to bottom. Between the bumped-up bun and crimson lipstick, the electric shots of colour and the elusive interesting silhouettes, I was hooked. Peplum, minty/sea foam greens, delicious bulky knits and jolts of red made this my favourite for the week.

Denis Gagnon

So, this show was highly anticipated. It was a return to roots for Denis Gagnon and predictably there was a message and a sense of humour lingering beneath the surface. The models were a mix of women and famously androgynous men with beaded flaps sewn into their hair and drag-queen-esque makeup. I have to say that the sight was overwhelming and I had to remind myself to check out the clothes! Black and white separates with interesting textures and shapes were the mainstays of this collection.


This show opened with a fashion film that was rather engaging (FYI: sometimes fashion films are a little too much, so this one was actually a delight) which seemed to tell the story of a woman evolving into her true self- from darkness to light. The collection then told a similar story, beginning with black looks, then onto white and then onto a bright orange metallic fabric which definitely illustrated the result of this transformation. All-in-all, despite the intense story being told, the clothes amounted to wearable, cool modern pieces that I would totally get into (except maybe the head-to-toe shiny orange).

Montreal Fashion Week felt new this year and trust me that is not easy to do. A new venue and a refreshed line-up made this bi-annual event seem grander. I was excited to be there and take in the new sponsors, the fashions and of course see old friends.

It felt good to be home.



PS: For more of the looks from the runway, head to the LKISStyle Facebook fan page.

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