LKISEvents: My Very Own Smashbox Photoshoot!


During Tiff, I was invited by Smashbox to the Bloor street Sephora for an exclusive photo shoot, where I had the chance to have my makeup done by the (literally) geniuses at Smashbox, Shawn Hlowatzki and Lori Taylor and then have my photo taken with celebrity and fashion photographer, Steven Khan. Um, yes please!

It helps that I have an affinity for the folks at Smashbox (I interviewed Davis Factor, founder of Smashbox Studios and great grandson of Max Factor last year for the Tiff Reporter in the Toronto Star), but needless to say, I literally jumped at the chance. Once I knew I could make it, I told Pamela Kennedy, Director of PK Communications that I was in, in, in. 

I got to see celeb makeup artist (and fellow Canadian!) Shawn Hlowatzki in action as he did another girls makeup and I overheard some fabulous tips, like:

1. Apply your under-eye cover-up on an angle and then sweep up ward to get a fresher look, and

2. NEVER apply blush onto the apple of your cheek (keeping it further out on your face is a much more flattering and youthful look). 

Then it was my turn!


Shawn did my basic face (which needed some help as I was REALLY tired from Montreal Fashion Week and Tiff).  He used this awesome product which I absolutely fell in love with- Photo Finish More Than Primer– which is perfect for non-foundation wearers (like me) who need a little evenness after a long week. 

PS: After I fell in love with the product, the folks from Smashbox made sure that I was mailed this miracle product right to my office (thanks Shawn and Pamela!)! So nice!

I was fawning over all the great items being used. 

The entire Smashbox line is amazing for pictures, as the collection of products were all created with photography in mind (Davis Factor’s true passion is photography!). 

Then it was onto Lori Taylor’s chair, who happens to be extremely cool and talented (no wonder she is rocking it as Smashbox’s Global Pro Lead Artist).  We chatted weddings and diets and before long I was ready for my closeup. 

I sat down in front of Steven Khan and followed directions…

Then I waited as my photos were put on my very own Smashbox CD!

And, finally, I headed home, but couldn’t wait to see the pictures so I self-snapped one in the cab on the way back to my hotel.

Back in my room, I dug into my shwag bag like a kid on Christmas!!! So much great stuff!

Here is the final result!

Thanks Smashbox!



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