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On Tuesday, at Montreal Fashion Week, I was amazed at how white was all the rage despite the post-September date. It seems like that whole labour day rule is no longer in effect. And, then I also saw tons of spikes on the scene between shows.

I documented my first day of style-spotting on my Virgin Radio style blog and then last night it was time to get inspired.

Well, maybe it was all the photos of white and spikes, or maybe it was that I just recently bought this white leather motorcycle jacket…. As promised, I busted out a white and spike-y outfit for my second day!

I rifled through my jewelery and remembered that I had a great pair of white a silver earrings from H&M I bought a million years ago.

Then I went for it: White shoes after labour day (what a rebel!).

A white purse to tie it all together.

I kept my makeup simple- I didn’t want to introduce any colour, seeing as how spikes and white was a bold enough statement. I kept it balanced with brown shadows, bronzer and clear gloss.

Put it all together and I was ready for the runway (well, sitting on it anyway :))!

I will be covering more of the fashion from the runway and more great street style from Montreal Fashion Week soon!

Now, tonight I have a white party…spiked motorcycle jacket?

Maybe it will have an encore!



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