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Day 2 of World Mastercard Fashion Week:  It was a jam-packed day (let me tell you!) and it was so fun to see some of my favourite people in Canadian fashion show us their stuff!


First up was the Demoyo show and it was filled with girly pieces that I adored. The whole collection had a great mix of texture and real femininity. Highlights: Intricate crocheted pieces and totally wearable fashion.

Ashtiani by Golnaz Ashtiani

This show was inspired by the 1960’s in the South of France- sounds good to me! I loved the boxy cuts in see-through fabrics- giving you a throwback silhouette with a modern interpretation.

Highlights: PVC accents and geometric appliques and hand cutouts.

Evan Biddell

I happen to love Evan as a person (he is a deliciously charming guy!) and I happen to have already told him that I want the opening dress (seen below) that would be amazing on a summer holiday. The comeback kid did just that.

Highlights: Volume and texture that somehow ends up being completely flattering.

Mercedes Benz Start-Up

I love MB Start Up because it is really giving up-and-coming designers a chance to showcase their true talents and I have to say this season was beyond talented. One after the other, these capsule collections were enough to give the judges a real run for their money. Featuring Caitlin Power, Christopher Bates, Dreamboat Lucy, Duy, Lauren Bagliore, Malorie Urbanovitch, Nicole Campre, and Pure Magnolia. A big congrats to all the designers and to Duy, who won!!!

Lauren Bagliore

Highlights: Architectural influences and versatile drapery.

Pure Magnolia

Highlights: Traditional and vintage trimmings on eco-bridal and cocktail dresses.

 Dreamboat Lucy

Highlights: Rock and roll edge with a retro feel and exceptional styling.

Nicole Campre

Highlights: Femininity refined and gorgeous draping.

Christopher Bates

Highlights: James Bond-style with a European flare.

Malorie Urbanovitch

Highlights: soft colour palette and interesting fabric combinations.

Caitlin Power

Highlights: Unexpected detailing and pristine tailoring.


Highlights: 1980’s influence with a fun colours and totally wearable edge.

Melissa Nepton

I had seen the Melissa Nepton show at Montreal Fashion Week and loved it then, so was delighted when this show had additional looks to add to this already strong collection. Highlights: Nautical-inspired pieces with a 1920’s feel.


On safari was the only was to describe this show. Count on Bustle to give us a whole cheeky story to go with the collection. Tons of colour and and a sense of fun gave the runway the Bustle-feel-good-vibe once again.

Highlights: Vibrant head-to-toe prints (hand-drawn florals for men!), colour-blocked staples, linen with delicate shine.

Day two of World Mastercard Fashion Week did not disappoint. The best part was that each show was totally different and exciting in its own way.

Next up: Day three!

See you on the runway,



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