LKISEvents: World Mastercard Fashion Week, the Fashion, Day 3


Day three of World Mastercard Fashion Week was another killer day.
I got to see Whitney Linen and two shows by Lucien Matis and I was happy to see that Korhani could still bring a super-smile to my face with their home/fashion show that is always one to watch. Mackage also did not disappoint!

Matis by Lucien Matis

This was the perfect way to start. This show was easy: easy to look at, easy to remember and I think, would be pretty easy to wear. Tons of prints were sprinkled throughout and I loved the hint of lattice work that accented some of the separates. And the kaleidoscope print-maxi-dresses would be the perfect addition to any summer wardrobe.

Highlights: Sequin-covered pieces (I want), and prints-galore.

Whitney Linen

Pretty is the perfect way to describe this collection. I am not the biggest fan of linen typically, but if you are gonna go there, go here. Gowns made of linen in fresh summer-y colours, complete with a glasss of bubbly and macaroons served on three-tier trays for the show-goers.

Highlights: Airy wrap dresses, pearl accents, and pastels.

Lucien Matis 

OMG I LOVED this collection. Innovative print mixed with croc in jazzy colours- this was a line of clothing that I would buy, buy, buy. I never knew this before, but I know it now: I would totally rock a head-to-toe croc gown, seriously.

HIghlights: Lana Del Rey-style nails, gorgeous head-to-toe prints, exaggerated shoulders and vibrant crocodile.

Korhani Home

This show is now officially the most fun show at World Mastercard Fashion Week. Literally clothing that has been crafted out of rugs starts to look disarmingly appealing (ahem, I may have told the Korhanis that I want to wear their clothes next season!). Complete with live-parrot-accessory and bedazzled flappers, this was a delight.

HIghlights: South American inspired rugs, Parisian boudoir vibe and 1920’s energy.


Ombre leather as the answer to “How does one wear outerwear in the summer?”sounds good to me. Leather leggings in yellow and mint made my heart beat quicken and I have to say some of the nylon get-ups were pretty cool.

Highlights: Lemon yellow motorcycle jackets, and (I gotta say it again) Ombre leather.

Another day done! It is almost time for day four. For all the latest, up-to-the-minute stuff from the tents you can head to my twitter @LKISStyle and of course I will be catching all the goods from the World Mastercard Fashion Week right here, tomorrow.

See you on the runway!



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