LKISEvents: My Photo Shoot with Paul Venoit!


I recently had the absolute pleasure/honour of heading over to Salt & Pepper in the King West area in TDot for a photoshoot!

First up, I got to sit back and relax and watch how the pros do it- They were shooting Phillipe Starck for Danier Leather.

Then, I headed over to put myself in Paul Venoit’s hands:

Totally the expert!

So, I know my mothers (Dora, Merrill and Lynn) would cringe (me in curlers… on my blog… in public… quellehorreur!!), but I figured it’s fun to show that quite a bit of prep goes into these things…and besides, it’s so Steel Magnolias of me, isn’t it?!

Paul showed me this awesome product called Inner Glow, that I have to say was fabulous. It gave me that I-could-be-rested-and-healthy-look that is the best.

Then it was my turn to get on set!

Snapped by Mathew Guido, and styled by Marcus Tripp, it was pretty awesome (albeit a little warm in head-to-toe leather!!!) under those lights.

The final look…check it out!

What do you think?

A great experience with a group of extremely cool (and wickedly talented) folks.

Talk about ready for my close-up.



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