LKISEvents: CISUK Grand Opening in London


I may have shopped my way through London, but I also managed to squeeze in hanging out at the grand opening of the Call It Spring UK store on Oxford Street. Surrounded by shoes, accessories and peeps with freaking amazing British accents, we all crammed in to watch Lucy Rose perform.

Before the show began, there was no shortage of shopping.

The guys who run the store turned out to be the most charming (like, ever).

I snuck downstairs to check out Lucy Rose‘s green room complete with tea and honey for this songstress (that is her preferred pre-performance beverage).

I also was doing a little shopping myself…I was into these perfectly stackable bracelets.

I wasn’t the only one perusing: These London fashionistas were here for the show and the shopping.

 Popcorn and branded bottles of water added to the festive ambiance.

Not to mention the roadie cases and the girls-gone-roadie.

Then it was time for Lucy Rose‘s performance and to say I had a good clear shot is the understatement of the year!

The store was packed with Lucy Rose fans and she happily played through her set, chatting with the audience between sweet songs.

I was into the rock’n’roll vibe in my Call it Spring boots!

And, I was thrilled to have some fellow-Canadian company! PR gal Jillian Zrihen stopped by to check out the action.

Grand Openings are always fun…Grand Openings with live music and on the other side of the pond? Pretty darn great.

This foreigner was feeling right at home.



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