LKISShops: London (England!), Part 2


Another post on shopping in England…ok, twist my rubber arm!

Yesterday’s post on Virgin was post part 1 of my British shopping extravaganza, and today it is time for Part 2.

I headed to the Dover Street Market to explore this fashion hot-spot. The store is the place to find interesting and different pieces (and not for the faint of, well, wallet).

I loved this flattened purse. So did Birkin 🙂

And, this silver Oxfords were very covet-worthy.

When in England, of course you need to stop at a souvenir stall, of which there are plenty.

It was a bit rainy, but that didn’t stop me from heading to Notting Hill for some boutique shopping on Westbourne Grove.

I also found an awesome spot on Ledbury Road called The Village Bicycle.

Then it was off to Portobello road!

I loved poking into all the stalls and fawning over the antiques. Tons of finds and even more people!

Obviously, I had to stop at the Hummingbird Bakery for a sugary fix (after all it was vacation!). Thanks for the recommendation Arianne!

And, then I made my way into a pop up shop that totally rocked!

There were all these local British designers who were showing their goods in this fashion oasis. I flipped for these Coco Fennnell dresses and for their designer!

I also managed to find a pair of shoes that I totally fell for (not literally).

Check out these awesome Kat Maconie Valerie Pumps:

Shopping in London is nothing to scoff at: You have everything any shopper-maven could want. From markets to luxury goods, from boutiques to flagships, this girl was a-okay.

One might say these spots are like museums of British fashion.

Who says retail isn’t a cultural experience (right mom?!)!



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