LKISStyle: How to get Dressed Up Madmen-Style!


Madmen is not just a TV show.

It is a style-statement that has changed the course of fashion (seriously) from the design houses in Paris to the mega-retailers on 5th Avenue, this fashion trend was started 5 seasons ago and now I have the opportunity to go to a Madmen-themed party…dress up like Joany, Betty Draper or Peggy? Um, yes please!

So, what does Madmen-style mean?  Well, it takes place on Madison Avenue in the early to mid sixties which means you have everything from housewife-chic to mod beatnik, that could totally work. It was an era where dudes and skirts (guys and girls) would get decked out and have a ball

Typically, as a girl you are going to divided into one of two camps: The Betty style or the Meghan style.  What do I mean exacyly? 

Well, Betty is a more classic and early 60’s vibe with longer hemlines, cinched waists, fuller skirts and typically feminine silhouettes.  Then if you are more of a Meghan think straight, boxy, but short mod dresses, big prints, and thicker healed shoes (go-go boots!).

As for accessories, go dainty: Gloves, mufflers, cardigans and pearls.

And, if you are going formal, you can always add a crinoline. Depends if you want to look nifty or like a total sosh

And as for hair:

It’s volume whether up or down, ladies!

For the guys: Its pretty simple…wear a suit. 

Usually, in this era, guys wore skinny ties, a hat (fedoras work perfectly) and a crisply folded pocket squares.  Pants were not cut wide (nor were the jackets) and if you want to get the right hairdo going, its neat and short.  And, forget about facial hair.  The true sign of an Adman was looking the well-groomed part…

Want to get truly authentic? Try a flat-top, daddy-o.

Now, where to get these looks in Montreal?

Well, you can always head to a costume store like Malabar or Ponton.

For great accessories (to buy) head to Imagine le Fun.

But, given that the show has inspired an entire throwback to this time in fashion, I bet that you can find Madmen-inspired looks in a local retailer. 

For the ladies: Try Bella on Sherbrooke street in Montreal, where I spotted tons of fun Madmen-esque dresses. 

For the guys: You can’t go wrong at Zara, where the Madmen look is still very much on the racks.

So, a Madmen party is sure to be keen-o and I can bet that now that you know how to get your threads looking so fine.

Whether you are on the make or just heading out in your T Bucket for a night on the town with your steady, this party is gonna be outta sight!



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