LKISStyle: Outfit Post, Channeling Betty Draper


Sometimes I wish I lived in another era. Madmen, specifically. While other fashion periods appeal to me as well, this weekend it was 60s fabulousness, all the way.

I attended a Madmen party (you can see my post about dressing the part here:

and I was hell-bent on getting Betty-Draper-ed. There is something about her poise, her girlishness, her obnoxiousness and then her utter stylishness. I wasn’t the only one who got into the spirit. I loved that Lauren A. wore her grandmother’s actual dress from that era! She looked delightfully like a lady.

I put myself in the unbelievable capable hands of Tania at VicPark for my quintessential up-do (and, yes, that is all my hair).

Then I was off to Amy Klein for Bardot/Streisand/Presley (Priscilla, not Elvis) inspired makeup.

And, then I had to scour my closet for the perfect outfit. I settled on a patten clutch and matching kitten heels.

I needed the perfect accessories: clip-on gold rose earrings were just right.

And, a collar necklace from Aldo completed the look.

Then I put on a vintage dress (which I wear normally! Check it out here:, added some sheer short gloves and a bedazzled cigarette holder, and I was off to the Madison-Ave races.

I’ll admit, I was into it!

Picking my outfit, playing a character, expressing a little cliched-time-period-style…Who says dress up is only for kids?!



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