LKISStyle: Calming Down With Dermalogica (and a Giveaway!)


Mondays stress me out (anyone else?!). I will admit to being a bit of a workaholic, but come Monday morning my inner 9 year old doesn’t want to go to school…

I think the deterrent is the stress: stress of the schedule, stress of managing time, workouts, appointments. I might be stressing myself out just writing about this!

Enter the Dermalogica UltraCalming line of skin products. I figure if my insides need to be all twisted up and stressed out, at least my external self can be as calm and cool as a cucumber?!

I am actually giving away this awesome skin kit which comes with five amazing Dermalogica products.

First up, the UltraCalming Cleanser: Pretty neat to clean and destress simultaneously.

Next, is the UltraCalming Mist: which is hydrating mist that relieves sensitivity.

Then there is the UltraCalming Serum Concentrate: A calming restoring cure for stressed out, sensitized skin.

The UltraCalming Relief Masque: The perfect way to treat flare-ups.

And, my personal favourite, the Barrier Repair: A waterless moisturizer that protects your skin (like a stress repellant!).

K, so what do you do to destress? Let me know and be entered for a chance to win this awesome skin kit!

Tweet me @LKISStyle using the hashtag #LKISGiveaway or comment down below.

Happy Monday,



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