LKISStyle: New Year’s Beauty Resolutions


Okay, it’s 2013: That is enough to blow anyone’s mind! Where did the year go?? Well, it’s time to start anew and that is the best part of new year’s. The opportunities are endless and new beginnings seem infinitely possible!

What is the best way to start a new year? Sure, sure, you can vow to get back to the gym, wear those sequined pants you bought five months ago or read that book you know you would love if you could just get into it. Well, while I love the idea of getting in shape, or expanding your mind, I think the best and easiest way to start fresh is to pump up your beauty routine, and here are my favourite new year’s resolutions for 2013.

1. Make moisturizing easy:

Check out this 3-in-1 product from Jouviance that totally makes moisturizing a cinch. I am positively obsessed with it and it will make being constantly on-the-go totally doable. Saving time and saving my face? Yes, please!

2. Get glowing:

My dearest Glamglow…this product does not dissapoint! A fantastic way to rejuvenate your skin and literally glow. Talk about taking care of yourself.

3. Know your A, B, C’s:

Already on the BB bandwagon? Try the new CC products or all the additional BB products, like these ones from Marcelle, that are hitting stores everywhere!

4. Blur the Lines:

A quick and not-so-dirty solution to fine lines and skin imperfections. Blurring cream is the answer to every girl’s skin-dream (check out my post on the “blur” here:

5. Blend Your Brains Out:

The key to beautifully applied makeup is blending. This year try making sure your makeup is always blended to perfection for that flawless look…well, Beauty Blender is the perfect tool to create a seemlessly blended look. It puts disposable sponges to shame.

6. Extend your lashes:

Try wearing false lashes. Try it. Please! You won’t be disappointed! For more tips on how to wear fake eyelashes check it out here:

7. See Red:

If you’ve never done it, start. Red lipstick is the ideal method of brightening up your face…this is a trend that is never dying and will help you be the star of the show in this new year.

8. Get a Solid Foundation:

Okay, if you are into looking flawless, but not so into looking cake-y, trust me, Bare Minerals by Bare Escentuals will blow your makeup mind (thanks Merrill!). A mineral powder that evens you out without any risk of clownishness is my new full out obsession for 2013…and PS, it also has SPF in it!

9. Sparkle:

Want to shine? Try adding a touch of highlighter to your face once you are done applying your makeup. Where? On your cheek bones, the bridge of your nose and you can even highlight above your eyebrows. Here are two of my absolute favourites from Personnelle and Smashbox!

10. End the Sun Worship:

I know we all say don’t sit in the sun…and then, guess what? A lot of us still do! So, I have devised several tips on how to get that bronzed look without kicking your skin’s butt (so to speak). Sefl-tanner from St. Tropez is the bomb, literally. Then try bronzer year round for a nice golden glow, like this gorgeous one from Rimmel London. Finally pick makeup with SPF in it, like the awesome lip balm from Fresh (see number 8, too!).

It’s a new year, so rather than a “new” you, just try a few beauty resolutions for a better you, because you were already pretty darn good.

Happy New Year!



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