LKISEvents: Montreal Fashion Week, F/W, The Fashion, Day 4


Montreal Fashion Week came to a close last night and it was packed! I attended the Telio Breakthrough Designers contest and with teh theme as OVEREXPOSED, it was delightfully alight with pastels.

I love these contest-y type events, because they really are a chance to see raw talent at its peak. Before being overwrought with notions of sellability or delivering what the audience wants, these design students are honing their skills and discovering their individual aesthetic. To be able to check all that out on the runway is a privilege and down right fascinating.

Here were some of the great looks from the show:

 I loved this chunky coat over sequins.

A unique silhouette, with a peek-a-boo bust.

A totally weird, but kinda awesome pleated coat.

Float-y fabric layered over a moc-neck dress.

I loved this almost straight-jacket-esque bomber and white sequined leggings.

The perfect nude sequin mini.

 My personal fave was this mind-bending look, complete with high-collared coat, structured top and sequin skirt.

And, the winner was: Aroosh Chaudry! With her head-to-toe pink suit that was part pants part dress.

So that is it peeps! Another fashion week down and a bazillion more to go (thank gawd!)!



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