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Montreal Fashion Week (heck, every fashion week) is all about the fashion on the runway, but I have to say that it is also about the runway of life (deep, I know).

Thus, every girl, including yours truly, relishes the opportunity to get dolled up in more, let’s call it, “non-mainstream” fashions and hang out amongst like-minded folks.

I figured I would document my get-ups for the week for you here on my blog.

Day 1 I went for the 1990s…big hair and everything…and one of my favourite trends for Spring 2013, black and white.

PS: I am obsessed with this skirt from Juicy Couture.

Day 2, I was sporting a fringe cape, criss-cross tank from BCBG and my second favourite Luv U Always leggings (my first favourite can be seen here:

Day 3 was a flouncy, sparkly, sheerling jacket, a necklace from Micalla and some serious boots.

My makeup on Day 3: All about the lashes.

The final day was what I called Madmax-chic, with a fringe dress, faux fur collar, bicycle shorts, my new Jeffrey Campbells (yes, I did make the purchase, my Instagram friends!) and another freakishly gorgeous Micalla necklace that I had the chance to wear for the night.

All-in-all a great week for fashion and a fabulous week for those of us who definitely like to get into the spirit of things.



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