LKISEvents: World Mastercard Fashion Week, F/W 2013, the Fashion Day 2 and 3


The second and third day of World Mastercard Fashion Week came and went and there was no shortage of great clothes to see. Totally diverse designers put together collections that definitely had unique messages and aesthetics.

Here are my highlights from the fashions seen on Day 2 and 3:

David Dixon 

The opening film at David Dixon was enough to totally steal my heart. A tongue in cheek look at the “proper” lady as obsequious and sweet made my day when it ended with a crashing “bullsh*t.” The fashion was (as usual) beautifully constructed with structured details, cobalt blues, and corkscrew schiffon, clean lines and quintessential ladylike silhouettes.

Mercedes-Benz Start-up Presents: DUY

Duy was the winner of last season’s Mercedes Benz Start-up competition, so everyone was eager to see what was going to grace the runway. A collection filled with wintery elements: icy, dark, shimmery accents all invoked the season. The clothes were beautifully finished and an ethereal quality was evoked.

Line Knitwear

Cozy knits mixed with metallics and leather? Sounds pretty good to me. My fashion needle doesn’t usually go too crazy for the Line show, but this season was seeing a lot more happening on my style-richter-scale. It was edgy, cool, youthful and extremely wearable.

Christopher Bates

It helps that I personally adore Christopher Bates and that he is cute as hell, but I have to say he can design some pretty dope clothes, too. Leather finishes and accents, zipper details and suspenders (which he insists on bringing back, and I am totally into it), this show was appropriately called Bright Lights, Big City.

Matis by Lucian Matis

Ready-to-wear looks for the modern working woman was definitely captured by Matis. His signature prints, were complemented by tons of wearable separates and a few surprises like the oversized blue and green plaid jumpsuit (that I think may not be all that sellable, but I would totally wear it!).

Ashtiani by Golnaz Ashtiani 

Welcome to the future. In the future, women will wear structured pieces that have shiny oil-spill patten leather panels, sheer accents and rich luxurious colours like burgundy and navy blue. Oh, and ps, in the future women rule.

Korhani Home
These aren’t rugs. I swear they can’t be. These are wicked-awesome pieces of delightful art that make me wanna put on a rug and go out! This show never disappoints (despite the lack of animals on the runway this year…well, living ones anyway). There were three acts to this show: Vampires, German movie star and Japanese disco… and putting on a show is exactly what Korhani always does.

Well, it’s off to Day 4 and I am in need of a nap! Alas, fashion waits for no one, so sleep will have to!

See you on the runway,



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