LKISEvents: World Mastercard Fashion Week, the Fashion Day 1


Day 1 of World Mastercard Fashion Week, seriously? Where does time go???
I headed to the tents, air-kissed a million people (feeling the love and the germs all at the same time), and readied myself for the marathon that is this week.

So, here is my take on the fashion seen on day one of Toronto Fashion Week:

MIZ by Izzy Camilleri

The hair alone was enough to make me enjoy this show. Bee-hive-esque poofs of perfectly coiffed-ness was all this girl needed. Add in some capes, and a little rose gold lamé, some “real life” models and it was a a great start to this long week.

Chloe Comme Parris

Nirvana playing in the background, side braids and platforms. I was beamed to another time and space when heroine chic was…well…chic. I dig this collection: it’s part of my heritage, a token of my history and happens to totally rock.

Pink Tartan
Pink Tartan does not know how to disappoint. Infinitely sellable and hints of intrigue make this collection a fan-favourite (complete with a few standing-Os). Highlights: Capelet suits, fur trim, bright pink and cobalt blue and sixties mod, but, like dangerous.

Day 1 is done and now it’s on to day two! Check out my Twitter and Instagram (@LKISStyle) for all the fashion fun from the tents!




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