LKISObsession: Seeing Green… Cosmetics


 The instagrammers already know I made a wackadoodle purchase yesterday that I am thrilled with. I bought the Sephora Pantone Universe Green Eyeliner set.

Why, you ask? What would possess me? Well, in case you haven’t heard green is THE colour for beauty this season.

From polish, eyeliner, eyeshadow to lipstick (yes, you heard me correctly), this colour is sweeping faces/nails near you in a gorgeous green light.

I am freaking for the dark rich colour of Don’t Tell Mama from Deborah Lippmann:

And, check out this playful green from Ciate called Ditch the Heels:

Want a gorgoeus green eyeshadow? I adore (and own, thanks to Jen Nachshen) this duo from Nars:

And, you can even add a hint of green to your lips…if you dare:

Want the whole kit and caboodle? I think this pantone kit from Sephora is so cool.

Anyone else starting to see green? (it was either that closing sentence or something about it not easy being green…)



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