LKISObsession: Setting the Mood


Remember mood rings? I know right?!

I can distinctly recall being at my desk in elementary school trying to assess what mood I was in based on the colour of my jewellery.

And, check out the old school mood chart I found!

So, how cool is this:

You can get mood makeup (seriously).

I love these nailpolishes from In the Mood that change colour.

And, check out this lipgloss from Essence called Tint It! which also changes colour!

I tested it out:

Goes on blue and I guess I am in a good mood because it changed to pink!!!

Well, if you don’t feel like wearing your heart on your…um…face (?) then you can always go for the classic mood ring! The Bay has this awesome fashion mood ring available online.

So, did I get you in the mood?



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