LKISObsession: Wearing Your Heart on Your Shoes


If you ask people, I am not sure if they would say I wear my heart on my sleeve, but given the opportunity, I would definitely wear my heart on my shoes!

On my brief jaunt in NYC last weekend to a few of my favourite spots (the Fashion District, the Upper East Side and Soho…all before lunch!), I spotted shoes that gave new meaning to expressing yourself….

Melissa is a rubberized shoe company and I fell in LOVE with a few pairs. She collaborates with Vivienne Westwood and I think part of the reason for this obsession is that it kinda reminds me of Barbie shoes…right?

With adorable feminine details and an awesome rubbery texture, these shoes are super-comfy, not super-expensive and definitely original.

Needless to say this love started a while ago and was rekindled when I spotted ice-cream adorned pumps from the Karl Lagerfeld collaboration at their Soho store.

Would you wear ice cream on your shoes?

Goodness knows, I think it’s the only way to wear it.



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