LKISObsession: Jewellery Journey to the Center of the Internet


It’s my job to stay online and look at stuff.

At least that is what I tell myself when it is the middle of the night and Pinterest and I are having a private party… but every now and then, my trips deep into the internet yield the best kind of results:

The discovery of something I haven’t seen before.

Enter Zenzii, a cool costume jewelery line sold at Kitson in LA, and made for the fashionista who wants to look supremely cool with a statement accessory in just a pair of ripped jeans and a white T.

Check out this collar that is perfect for summer:

These bangles are available in a bunch of colours and they would be fabulous stacked up a bronzed arm.

For a little more bling, I loved this metallic piece:

 And for a bold and colourful statement, this is the best- oversized links in mix-and-match colours.

Once you get on this toy-like-chain bandwagon you wont be able to stop, especially iwth these long bright (and perfect for layering) necklaces.

If you are feeling a bit more dainty, this piece is the ideal mix of girly and rugged.

And finally, these tassle necklaces are the perfect addition to the casual jeans and T look….in multiple colours, this girl is craving all of them.

Where will my cyber adventures take me next? I’ll probably let you know at about 2 am tonight,



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