LKISEvents: Hosting, Styling and New Video for Virgin Radio, Featuring Fashion by Vince Camuto


Last week, I had the pleasure of hosting an event at the Bay in downtown Montreal for Vince Camuto.

My mission? To style preferred customers in the latest styles from Vince Camuto.

I had already gone through all the lookbooks and picked out my top choices (you can read that post on Virgin Radio here:

Here are some of my favourite moments from the evening and check out below for the Virgin Radio video we did of all the trends from this season’s collection at Vince Camuto!:

Of course, I couldn’t help but doing a little browsing of my own…and I flipped for this purse…why?

Well, aside from being utterly stylish it also has an iPad case built in!

The totally nerdy side of me and my inner/outer fashionista (I absolutely love anything technological- add in fashion and I am hooked) fell madly in LOVE:

Then it was time to get styling!

I sported this mod outfit from the Factory Girl capsule collection and I put this Vince Camuto enthusiast in a great fitted blazer, perfect for her up-coming faculty event.

This customer was amazing- Olga is from Vancouver and she loved my outfit so much she tried it on! She hadn’t planned on shopping and left with a bag piled-high with VC.

And, of course, Nikki and I also got to work preparing for our #FashionFix video for Virgin Radio.

Check out the whole vid here- We walk you through three trends that Vince Camuto has on the shelves right now.

Perfect for Fall 2013!:



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