LKISEvents: On Virgin Radio, World Mastercard Fashion Week, The Scene, Part 1


My Next Post on Virgin Radio is up!

Want to check it out?

I have posted it here too:

World Mastercard Fashion Week has come and gone (again!), but I would be holding out if I didn’t breakdown the style scene off the runway.

Fashion week is a parade of fashionable peeps and that has to be my favourite part- getting dressed up (or a little out there), and feeling right at home. The comfort is also in the fact that you can look around and at any moment, you know you are in the company of people who have fashion brain…like me. I like to call this fashionable telekinesis.

Stylish minds think alike!

The Peacock Parade ladies were definitely connected in the fur accents.

The boys were also feeling the fur (with faces- eek!)- check out these guys-

Another connected pair? These two glittering gals in gold.

A fab shimmering coat: 

And, a mix of metallic:

Then there was cozy chic.

With polka-dot flare:

And, on fashion-photog (and my good friend!) JR Bernstein:

My fashionista fave who read my mind? Michelle Easton from the awesome Rock-it Promotions, who had chopped her blonde hair recently just like yours truly!

For more fashion from on and off the runway at World Mastercard Fashion Week head to….but given our shared fashion brain, I am sure you knew I was going to write that already, right?



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