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We already chatted about the scene at World Mastercard Fashion Week (if you missed it, head to And, now it’s time to finish my style-spotting at this fab week of Canadian fashion.

There was oodles of colour, which would not be complete without a bit of awesome vibrant hair. Check out these fiery tips:

Also looking fabulous was the newest Miss America, Nina Davuluri, who was gorgeous in her purple Joseph Ribkoff dress.

Also feeling the colourful vibe was this photographer who sported head to toe hues.

Stacey Mckenzie was looking brilliant with her bright red lipstick.

And, I loved her head-to-toe black look (okay, okay black isn’t a colour, but had to throw it in there anyway! I love black and what could be more fashion-y?!).

My splash of colour? I sported a fire-engine red Armani dress and had the lips to match on Day 1.

Then it was back to basic black for me! (but I had a bit of black and white with my giant geometric necklace from Micalla…that counts right?!)

Well, that is my take on the looks off the runway this season.

The scene at World Mastercard Fashion Week is definitely a fun one to check out and one thing is for sure, colourful (get it?!) personalities and styles abound.



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